Why MCA?

Why MCAIf you are looking for a dependable roadside assistance of course the first thing that comes to mind is AAA but I chose the Motor Club of America instead. Why MCA? There are two reasons why. The first was that I needed roadside assistance that I could rely on which AAA proved to me they weren’t. Once you read my story you will see why I feel this way.

A couple of months ago, while driving in New York which is about 100 miles from my hometown of Eason, PA I had a slight fender bender that caused my passenger side wheel to be damaged and had to be replaced along with $4000 in repairs for the suspension. Needless to say when the accident occurred, I was a member of AAA so they were the ones I contacted to help me out. I was disappointed to find out that they couldn’t tow my car because it was on the Cross Island Expressway. I had to drive a damaged vehicle backwards off the entrance of the expressway (that’s right going the wrong direction). I thank God that there were no cars coming onto the ramp to get on the expressway. After finally getting my vehicle off the expressway I called and waited for the tow truck.

Once the tow truck arrived I was disappointed again to find out he could only take me 3 miles to the nearest repair shop. Ok, now I am about 20 miles from where I lived before moving to Pennsylvania. I know mechanics and repair shops because I’ve lived there all my life (some 45 years or so).

After being towed to a Meineke repair shop where they were able to replace the tire with my spare. I was informed that whole right front sustained damages. Now I wasn’t just disappointed I was fuming as well because, now I had to drive all the way back to PA on a spare with a damaged suspension.

What would normally have taken me an hour and 20 minutes approximately, took me over 4 hours due to the fact I could only go 25 -30 miles. The only thing that saved me was that it was rush hour traffic bumper to bumper in New York. If you’ve ever been there you know what I mean. You can only go about 15 to 20 miles.

I was so happy to reach home but the first thing I did after thank God was pick up the phone and called AAA to cancel. It was at that time when the operator informed me that I could sign up for their Premier plan. That still wouldn’t have been able to help me because it takes up to 7 days for it to go into effect.

The hunt was on to find another roadside assistance…I check with my insurance company Liberty Mutual but their plan was very limited as well. They also will use your incidents against you if you were to call them a few times. This shows that you are a higher risk, thus raising your rates.

Then a friend told me about the Motor Club of America (MCA) which offered unlimited roadside assistance for any type of vehicle, car, motorcyle, RV, truck. That was the key UNLIMITED roadside assistance…not like AAA which only allow 4 instances for assistance.

Now the second reason I chose MCA was because I found that they have an awesome referral program which pays out $80 per referral. I was in the market for a part time income working from home and this was perfect timing. In my first week I was able to make $480 in direct deposit earnings. That’s right they even have direct deposit and will pay you every Friday.

If you want a dependable and rewarding service why not take a look at MCA and what it has to offer financially. Just click here for more info