Facebook “What’s On Your Mind” Box Is Getting a Makeover

News Feeed is getting a make-over that is much more colorful than before. Of course this is all for the benefit of gaining your personal information.

Sometime near the end of last year Facebook was tinkling with the idea of a new way to post status updates. With this new option, type something in the area where it says What’s on your mind and you will be presented with an option to change the backgroun color of your text which inturn witll make your post stand out more in the News Feed.

Taking this idea from Android it is now spreading to IOS and desktops. A spokesperson from Facebook confirmed that this new feature can come as soon as Thursday.

Facebook’s eye-melting color statuses, explained – Mashable

MashableFacebook’s eye-melting color statuses, explainedMashableIf your is looking a bit more colorful recently, there’s good reason: The company is thirsty for your precious personal content. Facebook has been rolling out a new way to post status updates since the end of last year. Write …and more »

Unfortunately this new feature can be a sight for sore eyes. Yet still don’t be alarmed when it hits a News Feed Near You.