Divvee Social – Rank and Share is About To Launch

Divvee SocialIf you are like many folks out there who are wondering what all the buzz is about this new program called Divvee Social that is getting ready to change the advertising community and App world then you will find it all here.

What is Divvee Social

Divvee Social is a social platform no different from Facebook, Google + or Linked In. that allow everyday people like you and me to view videos pertaining to mobile apps and to rank and share them and make money doing it. These short little videos d(usually under a minute) will allow you to start earning points that will be redeemable through gift cards such as Walmart, Target, and Amazon, etc.

How Do You Make Your Money With Divvee Social?

Simple, as the name implies Social which means by sharing the program with others you can earn an affiliate income. As it stands right now you are going to be able to view anywhere from 5 – 20 videos every hour which can quickly add up to few hundred points per month.

Now take 10 people whom you might want to share this with and they view about the same earning them a few hundred points as well. Then that would increase your income into the thousand dollar range quite quickly.

When Does Divvee Social Launch?

Currently Divvee Social in in the prelaunch stage. They were suppose to launch on January 10, 2017 but because of the overwhelming response and signups, the company thought it was in their best interest  to go back to the drawing board and to put in place a more stable platform. To see how much better this platform is, I put together a video page that explains the upgrade to the system as well as a current video from the CEO of Divvee Social.

The target date for the official launch for new members is February 1, 2017 where you can sign up as a free member and earn or you can sign up for an affiliate membership at a cost of $50 per year. What’s the difference between a free membership and an affiliate membership? They both earn redeemable points that can be used for gift cards and they both earn cash from those they introduce to Divvee, but as a Divvee affiliate you can potentially earn 10 levels deep. Meaning that they can earn from the people they introduce and maximize of their social circle of people that they introduce as well.

Divvee Social Summary

In summary, advertising and mobile apps are very lucrative business. The Clash of Clans spent over $300 million dollars on advertising last year. The reason why is because within that app they can advertise to their users who signed up for free, monetizing their app. Major social media sites such as Facebook and Google is a giant in media advertising disguised as a social media program. They make a boat load of money off of advertising.

Now is you chance to capitalize on this growing business. If you want to stay in the loop and be apart of our team, then send a comment or email or go directly here for more information.