Divvee Social Is Live

To all you network marketers out there who have been looking for the right opportunity to build an income from home that doesn’t require you to be a Guru and build a large massive downline or even to have to base your income on others. Then your wait is over. Divvee Social is Live and growing.

Still in its infancy stages the company never seems to stop surprising its members with new things and technology. There back office portal is coming into its own with different options to make you money quickly and effortlessly.

Here is what the back office is going to look like in a few days:

As you can see from the above screenshot, you will be able to rank and share surveys, videos and download apps. This clean interface will make the process of knowing how to make you money from the best offers.  How neat is that to be able to log into your back office and dedicate 30 minutes to working your business choosing the most value for your time. Do that over a 30 day period and you will definitely see income coming in every month.

This of course is all based off of your own efforts. Here is where it gets exciting. What if you have 10, 50, or 100 people doing the same thing and you are getting equally paid for each and everyone of them. Want to know how awesome that is, then check out our compensation plan where you will see how lucrative the Team Building structure is.

Another added bonus was the enrollment process. When they first rolled out the enrollments it was a little cumbersome to have to invite your prospects to join your business. Not any more, they’ve streamlined that process as well, by providing you a single link that you can send straight from the portal or via your 3rd party email provider.

Lastly, Divvee Social is currently looking into upgrading their payment processor. Their goal is to payout on a weekly basis as oppose to a monthly commission. They are also paying a $10 bonus for each person you personally sign up. Paying out on 10 levels you only basically need to introduce 10 people to be qualified to be paid on all levels. For further clarification you can find it here.

In summary, Divvee Social is going to be HUGE, when all said and done, this is probably going to be one of the top businesses in the home business arena. Not only as a Divvee affiliate will you be able to make a good part time income but you will finally be able to help your friends and family to earn. You will finely be able to come out of hiding and be able to represent a company you are proud of.

Stay tuned to this site for further updates as we move along through this growth process. I will regularly post any updates or changes so come back and check here.

If you haven’t jumped in the water yet but just sitting on the rocks testing the waters, then now is the time to get in so you can get busy. Join me by clicking here