Divvee: How to Accumulate Points

How To accumulate points in Divvee?

Divvee Social is still in what we consider a prelaunch stage. Yes they are currently up and operational but there are still some things that they are working on to solidify the business. One of the main thing is their point system, and how one can qualify to earn commissions.

Divvee states that you must accumulate at least 100 actions per month in order to qualify for commissions but how do we accumulate these actions?

Are Actions The Same As Points?

Although no one has come out to say that points are the same as actions in the back office, I noticed that when you complete 4 ads it shows as an action. So we will asssume that points are actions.

In this post, I will show you how you can start accumulating points without any hassles. First of all lets clear something up; many people believe that you earn points for watching videos which is not the case. You earn points for watching the ads  between the videos.

How Many Points  Needed For Commissions?

Divvee states that you need at least 100 activities completed in order to qualify for a commission. So lets break down those 100 qualifying points needed into a daily activity of watching at least 3.5 activities… but lets say 4 activities per day. Now that would be about 12 ads for the day which will be equivalent to 4 activities.

Here’s the trick….you must click the play button after each video in order for it to register with Divvee as an action. If you don’t click the play button, then Divvee knows that you are not engaged in watching the videos. If you don’t click the play button icon then you will not receive any actions. After clicking the play button an Ad will appear, then the video and  or two before the next play button.  So click that play button that looks like the right arrow in a circle to start earning your points. Remember 3 ads equal 1 point.

Just to be on the safe side, I personally try to accumulate at least 20 to 30 points per day which will put me at 600 – 900 points range per month. This will without a doubt qualify me for any commissions. It takes me approximately 45-60 minutes to accumulate 20- 30 points.

Until they open back up the surveys which accumulate more points then this is the best avenue to gain points. If you attempt to download the apps for points, just be careful to remove them from your phone before the trial end or else you will be charged a fee.

One last tip….I found that the shorter videos are in the cooking section which means you can accumulate much more points in a shorter amount of time. And also don’t forget not to wait to long between videos because the next video will start without you earning a point.

I would like to know your thoughts, ideas and tips on how you can qualify for your Divvee commissions. If you found a simpler way to accumulate points in Divvee please share it here.

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