Best Price Roadside Assistance – For New and Used Car Owners

Whether you are purchasing a new car or a used one you may want to consider looking into the best price for roadside assistance. True you may get it included with a new car purchase but be sure to check out the limitations of the plan which most have.

Although your chances of breaking down in a new car compared to an old car in highly unlikely but you still stand a chance of getting a flat tire, running out of gas or locking your keys in the car. So getting a good roadside assistance plan is just like having insurance on your vehicle. You may not need it right  but it is better to have it then not to when and if the time comes.

6 Steps to Finding The Best Price Roadside Assistance

When looking for the best price roadside assistance there are 6 things you may want to consider before making your selection.

  • How many times will you be able to use the service within a given year?
  • How long have they been in business and are they reliable?
  • How do they rate with the BBB?
  • Is roadside assistance all that you get or are there other perks included?
  • Is it affordable?
  • What’s the distance of towing your vehicle if need be?

Many folks go with the name that they know best and trust which is AAA.  Which was the case with me until I was disappointed when I had an accident which led me to writing this post because there are other great services out there. This article is not to bash Triple A because they offer a great service, it just wasn’t right for me.

So with that said, the service that I chose was Motor Club Of America (MCA) because they offered unlimited roadside assistance and compared to AAA that only offers 4 instances per year, then after that you have to pay a premium price. MCA not only provide unlimited towing service but they will tow your vehicle up to 100 miles each time.

Best Price Roadside Assistance – Emergency Car Towing Services

Here is what sold me on this plan. If I was involved in an accident that required hospitalization, MCA will reimburse me up to $150 per day for 365 days. AAA doesn’t offer anything compared to that. MCA also offers $500 for food and lodging if you breakdown on the road and your car can’t be fixed right away. AAA doesn’t offer that either. If I ever was in an accident and need legal assistance MCA will provide up to $2,000 in legal service also Accidental Death Benefits. Again, AAA doesn’t offer anything like this, they do offer a travel assistance and discounts on hotels but so does MCA.

Here’s the thing when you’re searching for the best price in roadside assistance you want the most for your money. This is not to say AAA is not a good service they just don’t compare when it comes to what MCA has to offer. You can check out all their benefits here and then compare for yourself.

So whether you own a car, RV, Truck or motorcycle, MCA has you covered for the same price. You can get membership for as low as $9.95 per month.

As a member of MCA I am proud to share with you this opportunity to get the same service by signing up for your own money back guarantee membership.

I must add this disclosure: for helping you to sign up for MCA I will earn a commission of $80. If that sounds like something that might interest you and you would like to earn this as well just click here.