7 Steps to Optimizing Your Mobile Monetization

continue to outpace both PC web and mobile web .

Mobile in-app advertising is expected to continually increase in revenue shares over PC advertising as advertisers quickly attempt to redistribute their budgets seeking maximum return.

Taboola Blog wrote an article back on July 29, 2015 on 7 Ways to Optimize Your . The reason this article as written because of the increase of . Mobile apps continue to outpace both PC web and mobile web advertising.

7 Ways to Optimize Your Mobile Monetization (Updated)

In the past year, we have seen content consumption on smartphone increase by 43 percent across Taboola’s network. In the next months we anticipate a further increase in mobile (smartphone and tablet) consumption, and a passing of the 50 percent mark.

Content Consumption by Platform Across Taboola’s Network 2014

The world is going (or has gone) mobile, which is why we decided to share some of our best practices from across our network to make sure you are set up to monetize your mobile traffic effectively.

As you can see mobile monetization is a huge business that is surpassing the traditional way of advertising. First there was radio advertising that fell to the wayside of television advertising and then with the advent of the Internet and such companies as Google and Facebook taking their share of the advertising market. Now there is a new paradigm shift in advertising and that is mobile marketing.